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Professionalism, deep knowledge based on experience and frankness in the relationships with Customers – is it a your brand definition? Therefore, you are certainly aware how important is the first impression and how might be its force of community influence. Its durability and power are a decisive factor in customer relations and creating your image. We would like to offer you the best Frame of your Fame – an uniform.

The uniform underlines prestige and is a visible manifestation of what is built up over the years. It is nexus merging into one shape all the values ​​cultivated by the brand. Our vision is to present the brand value by converting it into a uniform. In multilevel processing of creation we focus on deep understanding of your needs, elaborating with great care and attention for the smallest enrichment to reflect your professionalism, high aspirations. Furthermore, we make every effort  to create together with you a distinctive factor of your uniqueness on the differential sphere of fashion industry. Adapting it to your requires small, each time we take care about such important components as individuality, intransigence and consequence, every time we take care for location your brand in cultural context.

We deal with a comprehensive preparation of a uniform fashion company with the high involvement. We have worked with prestigious boutiques in the Middle East and South East Asia. Our partners have provided unique products, and therefore, for individualization, and being a key factor in expanding fashion industry. The essence of style has an international character, crosses borders, gaining favor and trust your customer. And every this element efficiently opposes passage of time,  enabling your brand to express yourself.


How We Work

Each cooperation is for chance to establish deep relationships with our Partners. Conversations and consultations are conducive to tightening the bonds and connecting with one another, taking on a visible and touchable form of unique uniform. By dint of that Frame of Fame can highlight all the advantages of your brand, to extract the essence of brand philosophy.

1. A collection of experienced
information from the Customer.

We do not limit ourselves to stop on learning simply about brand’s profile, but we focus on its history, we explore philosophy and are eager to work on the past by building a bright future.

2. Preparation of the mood

The collected information is complemented by inspirations that will continue to be used to prepare the project, reflecting the needs and desires of the partners.

3. First sketches

The first drawings are the foundation for further action. The supplement, enriched with observations and wishes of Customers are the first, base material for further common work.

4. Discussion of first sketches
and patches

Further talks with Customers fruiting a supplement and succeeding grinding the original form.

5. First samples

First samples. Long hours enriching consultations bring results in form the first sample. The prototype enabling the verification of expectations for Customer. By finally touching the products of our Clients enrich it, impart next elements, matching it to his vision.

6. The final product

The final product. The culmination of all the stages of the crystallization of the common identity lead to presentation finally version of product. It is always quintessence of all our conversations, dialogue and the transformation uniform to perfection – to the satisfaction and success of the Customer.


Our Clients



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